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Breathe Deep for Greater Health

Do you feel tired? Have tense shoulders? Feel anxious often?

You probably have restricted breath.  The truth is, most people do. Our body 'makes do' but we really aren't functioning at full power. 

We live in environments of ongoing intermittent stress.  Our breathing adapts to stress patterns, and overtime the stress pattern becomes our norm! But it really doesn't have to be that way.

Would you like to learn to breathe more deeply, bring in more oxygen and help your body experience greater vitality? 


In this workshop you will learn how to use your breath to increase your energy, relaxation & wellbeing, in three steps.
1. Anatomy of your three breathing diaphragms
2. Yogic exercises to open the lungs and diaphragms 
3. Pranayama (breathing exercises) to strengthen your capacity for breath and learn to use breathing for energy.


Join a small workshop in safe and relaxing space Wednesday April 25th, from 5:15-6:45pm.

We will end with  warm Cacao hand ground and carried by a friend from Guatemala! There is something quite magical about drinking these medicine plants after your body is so energised through the workshop!


Space is very limited, so please do register early.  As always, I welcome people who would like to repeat this workshop for the 2nd, third, fourth time! As you know, each workshop covers the same basic material, but we take it in in new ways each time, and get to follow new tangents depending on the needs of the group.  

I look forward to sharing this gentle life-changing experience with you. 


The workshop will be held outdoors on a lanai as the sun is setting in a residential Maui Meadows home.  Please bring layers to wear if you are sensitive to cold. If you have a yoga mat and a pillow, please bring them too, we have extras if you don't. 

The address is 3495 Malina Place. Please park on the roadside and walk up the driveway. Half way up the driveway, turn into the gravel lot and take the garden path up to the lanai for the workshop.

See you there!

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