Experience profound relief from aches, pain and tension caused by old injuries and postural imbalance. 

Enjoy deep mind and body relaxation and observe how your body engages in a process of releasing tension naturally and powerfully.

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What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing is a powerful and transformative form of bodywork developed by Osteopath and Acupuncturist Fritz Smith, MD. Zero Balancing supports the body in rebalancing tension towards a more natural, "zero" state.

How is it done?

Gentle pressures placed into the bones, through the clothes, relieve tension and pain held at the deepest levels - in the joints and bones.


How does it work?

Certain bones within each person's body are subject to imbalanced distributions of tension. By “taking the weight off” of high-tension areas, we allow the body to shift, rebalance and engage in a natural and powerful self-healing process.

 "I feel balanced back to Zero"

Is Zero Balancing Right For Me?

ZB is likely to be beneficial for anyone who is not in the first trimester of pregnancy. That said, ZB is not usually helpful *immediately* after a major trauma. In those cases, seek a qualified physician or other health professional. 

For Trauma or Injury

ZB is more useful several weeks, months or years after any major trauma or injury has occurred (e.g., car accident) after the body has had time to develop protective tension patterns and then failed to release them after they are no longer useful.

For Chronic Tension Due to Postural Imbalance

Chronic tension in the body may be the result of postural imbalance caused by modern day lifestyles. Too much time spent sitting (in front of a computer, driving, watching television, eating, on our phones, etc...) naturally compromises posture, putting strain on the neck, upper and and lower back, and leading to tightness in the hamstrings. These areas of tension refer pain to other parts of the body and are often the underlying cause for minor and major "twists" and sprains in the neck and back. Headaches and migraines may also be supported by this type of neck and back tension.

Zero Balancing supports your body to experientially remember what "good posture" and proper balancing of tension in the body feels like. This somatically held memory of relaxed and wholesome posture will follow you for countless days after your session. The effects can be sustained through continued ZB sessions or through commitment to your own personal body-maintenance practice.

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