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Did you know you can change the shape of your bones?


Free Info Evening, June  12th 6-7:15pm

808 Wellness Center, Kihei

Did you know that you can change the shape of your bones?

The way we use our body has an impact on how bones grow and form. The tension, trauma, injuries we hold in our bones have an impact on how we hold ourselves. Most of this is unconscious. 

But it is possible to learn about these unconscious habits and techniques to release old tension. 

Do you have old injuries that still cause you discomfort? Your "bad hip" or "Sensitive back" that you've just learned to put up with and consider normal? Its possible your body is caught in a pattern of compensating tension... that it can't shift by without help. 

Come learn about it in this free informational evening at 808 Wellness

(all attendees will get discounts on private sessions with Rebekah).

The event is free!

808 Wellness Center is located at 


2439 South Kihei Road
Suite #206 - A
Kihei, Hawaii 96753

Contact them for information at 808) 875-4325 or


Class sizes are necessarily small, so you are guaranteed plenty of hands on time with the instructor and personalised teaching to your needs and learning style.  That means we often aren't able to accomodate last minute registrations, so make sure you don't miss out!

RSVP for this free event!

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