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Embodying Ancestral Wisdom

Through Bone

September 10th, 1:30pm - 6pm

Activate healing and greater awareness of your physical and ancestral body. Join this ritual exploration of the physiology of bone and technologies for ancestral lineage repair. 

This workshop is ideal for those desiring additional connection with and understanding of ancestral energies.  Together, we’ll: 

Learn about how bones hold information
Engage touch exercises to connect with our bones
Explore processes for ancestral lineage repair
Connect with bright and well guides along our ancestral lines 

Our work is informed by perspectives of Zero Balancing and of Ancestral Lineage Repair work, by practitioners of each who come to this work steeped in ritual and practices for cultivating presence and alchemy in the body.  

Rebekah Harbour is a Zero Balancing therapist/teacher, yoga instructor, a birth doula and facilitator of sacred space.  She travels internationally to support people to take an empowered role in their own health and wellness.

Taya Shere is co-founder of Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and teaches ritual at Starr King School for the Ministry.  She is an author, recording artist and a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing and Ancestral Lineage Repair work.

The Liberty Sanctuary Setting

Liberty Sanctuary is a home in El Cerrito, a short walk from the bart station (bay area rapid transport) which means public transport access from anywhere.  


El Cerrito (little hill) is a small city nestled in the edge of Berkley in the San Francisco bay area.  A cozy urban sanctuary allows you to learn in the intimate and relaxed environment of home. Couches, pillows, and carpet to sit on as you dive deep into healing philosophy while the fire warms on chilli days. 


A kitchenette always filled with teas and snacks reminds you that nourishment is holistic and comes on all levels.  


For lunch there are numerous restaurants and cafes with walking or a short drives distance, so you can try something new everyday.

Visitors who need a place to stay for the course will find numerous Air BnB places to stay close by at a range of price points.

Class sizes are necessarily small, so you are guaranteed plenty of hands on time with the instructor and personalised teaching to your needs and learning style.  That means we often aren't able to accomodate last minute registrations, so make sure you don't miss out!

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