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Geometry of Healing 

Christchurch, NZ

Aug 30 - Sep 2 2018

Explore the Field


Geometry of Healing is the third of three Zero Balancing courses related to energy fields: Core Zero Balancing addresses the relationship between existing body energy fields and body structure; Alchemy of Touch applies amplification strategies to balance energy fields; Geometry Of Healing works with the fields themselves including the space between vibrations.


You will learn:

  • Theory of fields

  • Accessing, evaluating, and navigating fields

  • Creation of ‘windows’ into the field

  • Entering and experiencing the ‘gap’ within the field

  • Compression of fields

  • Obtaining information from within the field

  • Self-referencing body signals as feedback for practitioner

  • Teachings to deepen your basic ZB skills and protocol use

  • Through exchanges of Zero Balancing sessions and demonstrations

Rebekah Harbour, CZBT, CMT, CYT, BSc (Psychology)

is an internationally recognized Certified Teacher of Zero Balancing (ZB) who has been studying and practicing ZB for over 13 years. She studied to become a teacher under ZB founder, Dr. Fritz Smith, earning her teaching credential in 2012. She is one of a select group of internationally recognized certified instructors as a faculty member of the U.S. & New Zealand’s Zero Balancing Health Association's. She particularly enjoys teaching on the West Coast of the U.S., Maui, Hawaii and her hometown in the Manawatu, New Zealand.

Rebekah’s students consistently say that her workshops are a fun and transformative experience where they feel safe and free to explore the balance between the skeletal and energy bodies.

Held in a private residence 


ZB student Mel has offerered her home for our course. With hikes and views and a cozy warm space to learn from.


A 10 minute drive to the nearest shops, you might want to bring a packed lunch, so you can use that extra time to wander the local fields, visit the horses and clear your head as you integrate the day's learning.

Governers Bay Area

During lunch breaks, before or after class, enjoy hikes in the region, gorgeous views, and an opportunity to let the course material integrate while you clear you head.

Find it on Google Maps: 1 Bay Heights in Governors Bay, Christchurch

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