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ZBI in the Manawatu, Sep 6-9th, 2018

About Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is an internationally recognized healing system that works with the strong energy currents of the bones through a gentle touching method done with the client fully clothed. The practice is firmly rooted in Western anatomy and an Eastern understanding of energy flows. This treatment protocol offers your clients bone-deep relaxation and tension release that allows them to let go of old patterns embedded in the body including stress and pain. Through skilled touch and gentle movements of specific joints, this non-invasive, non-manipulative therapeutic approach assists the recipient to release and reorganize structural and energetic imbalances into a state of ease and neutrality that is termed a “zero” state or a “zero balance!”

In this 32 hour, 4 day workshop, you will learn:
  • Key principles and the philosophy of Zero Balancing

  • Techniques of touch such a creating “still points” or “fulcrums” around which the body can reorganize

  • Qualities of touch based on an awareness of the skeletal structure of the body and the energetic boundaries between the practitioner and the receiver

  • How to start the session with inquiries into overall health, injuries and emotional states

  • How to assist the client find a positive way to state what type of outcome they wish to have

  • How to assess joint movement and energy flow before and during the treatment

  • How to close the session by creating a clear energetic disconnect that allows the client to feel well-grounded and self-contained

  • How to practice this healing approach without becoming personally drained but rather energized!

Perfect addition to the therapeutic toolkit for:
  • Massage Therapists

  • Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, & Psychotherapists

  • For the unlicensed to share with family and friends

Rebekah Harbour, CMT, CZB, CYT, BSc (Psychology)

is an internationally recognized Certified Teacher of Zero Balancing (ZB) for over 6 years. She studied directly with the founder of ZB, Fritz Smith, an MD, Osteopath and Acupuncturist. She is one of a select group of internationally recognized certified instructors as a faculty member of the U.S. & New Zealand’s Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA). She particularly enjoys teaching on the West Coast of the U.S., Maui, Hawaii and New Zealand.

Rebekah’s students consistently say that her workshops are a fun and transformative experience where they feel safe and free to explore the balance between the skeletal and energy bodies.

The Rural Manwatu Course Retreat Setting

This Manawatu central North Island NZ venue is a converted hay-barn on idyllic organic homestead property.  The views from this hilltop location on a clear day include as far south as Kapiti Island, as far west as Mt. Taranaki, as far north as Mt. Ruapehu and over to the Tongariro ranges to the East.  

Far away from the noise of cars or other people, the sounds of native birds chorus from the new growth native shelter trees.  

The catered meals come from the lovingly grown produce on the property itself. Farm-to-table has never been more direct.  

The composting toilet, rainwater collection and simple accomodation model environmental stewardship and permaculture principles at their best. Rustic, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable to the highest degree, this is an exceptional setting for connecting with the energy of ZB.


Staying on-site is optional, and so is the meal plan! There is a basic kitchen where can prepare or reheat your own meals, or you can have all three meals catered for you with simple fresh and health-full meals.

Please indicate your preferences on the registration form.  Accomodation is in shared rooms or the barn loft. 

On-site accomodation NZ$20 per night

Catered meals (breakfast lunch and dinner) $25 per day

starting with dinner on Wednesday night, ending with lunch on Sunday.

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