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Intro to ZB - Addressing Trauma 6 CEU

Addressing Trauma through Touch

  • Ended
  • Residential Home in Maui Meadows, Outdoor classroom overlooking the ocean.

Service Description

1 day in person course 6 CEU hours each This course is designed to provide you with a first introduction to the principles of touch used in Zero Balancing, to the concepts of body structure and body energy, and to a set of hands-on Zero Balancing techniques you can use right away. In particular in the course we will look at addressing Trauma in the body through touch and learn a specific tools for working with Trauma. This course will also include a guest presentation from John Sanderson on integrating ZB principles into an active massage practice. You will learn: - To experience and practice the concept of Interface touch through exercises designed to foster clear therapeutic boundaries - The significance of bone tissue, skeletal energy and structural alignment - About the fulcrum, the working tool of ZB, and how fulcrums offer powerful results with minimal effort - Specific fulcrums that integrate and balance the body from head to toe - The history and development of Zero Balancing and how it’s used in clinical practice What Participants say about Introduction to Zero Balancing: “The class was very helpful and filled with loads of knowledge. I will be using this in my work.” David Ferrarini, LMT “I learned that good bodywork does not have to be hard on the practitioner’s body.” Meg Poor, LMT “ZB is simple but profound. The illustrations and demos with skeleton were very helpful.” Colleen R, LMT “Zero Balancing offers a collection of mindfulness strategies and ethics around touch.” Hadass Harel, PhD __________________________________________________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION You can register for ONE or BOTH of the upcoming courses. Friday May 24th class (6 CEU hours) 9:30am to 4pm Addressing Trauma through touch Friday May 31st class (6 CEU hours) 9:30am to 4pm Tuning our sensitivity as practitioners

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