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ZB 9-Month Learning Community

Be part of a container to support the deepening of ZB in your practice and your life.

  • Started Mar 29
  • Online

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Service Description

Bring your questions, challenges and discoveries to an active community excited and inspired by learning the principles of Zero Balancing. Stay connected even though you work in your own bubble most of the time. A stronger structure allows energy to build, supporting deeper understanding and transformation. —Monthly live-online classes (recorded). —Themes to create structure for your learning throughout the month. —A supportive community and WhatsApp group to connect with as much or little as supports you. —Monthly optional contemplative assignments to keep the practice alive for you but not tax your schedule. —Low cost, sliding scale tuition. MEETING TIMES —Fridays 10AM-11AM Hawaii Time. 4pm EST —For NZ times, Saturdays, 9am and 8am NZ time (accounting for daylight savings change) —All meetings will be on Zoom and a Zoom link + reminders will be sent out to you once you have registered. PRE-REQUISITE You must have taken ZB1 and have the opportunity to be giving ZB sessions during the 9-Month program. MEETING DATES & THEMES During each meeting, I will share deep understandings to support you and your clients through ZB. The theme of each meeting will follow us throughout the month thru the ZBs we give and our mini-journal entries. Q&A will be available both in writing via our forum and in the live meetings. Themes are subject to change to suit evolving needs of the group. **Fridays (Saturdays if you're in New Zealand/Australia)** Mar 29 - There's so much to the Pelvic Bowl! May 3 - How do we work with Trauma in ZB? Jun 7 - How are the heart-center and the hands connected? Jul 5 - Touching Early Childhood Experiences through the Lower Ribs Aug 2 - Overcoming Obstacles to Professional Success. Aug 23 - What does it mean to “hold-space” ? With guest teacher David Lauterstein Sep 13 - Personal growth in ZB for both the practitioner and client. Oct 4 - Working with challenging clients. Nov 1 - Closing the container. TUITION: Tuition is for the entire 9 months and is in USD - please choose accordingly Please consider the payment scale below and feel what aligns with both your financial reality and your heart-center: $350+ — if you really want to show your appreciation and are feeling flush $250 — the nominal asking price $100 — If this is the most you feel good about paying, then I feel good about it too!

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