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Learn The Art & Science
of Zero Balancing

Are you a massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or other bodywork therapy practitioner looking to expand your skills and add a unique and powerful technique to your toolkit?


Or are you simply interested in learning a new way to promote deep relaxation and overall well-being for yourself and others?


Consider taking a Zero Balancing course with me, Rebekah Harbour.

As a highly trained and experienced Zero Balancing practitioner and teacher, I offer courses that are filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the transformative power of Zero Balancing.


What Are Courses Like?

You'll learn through theory discussions and hands-on practice, and will have the opportunity to apply your newfound skills in sessions with other students.

My students consistently report that my courses are fun, engaging, informative, and transformative. I plan to keep them that way!

What Are The Benefits?

A single 4-day Zero Balancing Course will equip you with concrete and marketable skills that you can use to help yourself and others feel more relaxed, energized, and free from pain.

Course calendar

Video: Why Study Zero Balancing?

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