2-Hour Workshops

The Anatomy of Breath

Learn the powerful breathing exercise called bellows breath. We will cover anatomy of the lungs, precautions, technique, and share our experiences of working with this effective simple practice.  Do you feel tired often? low energy? you want to meditate but your mind feels scattered and agitated? Then this workshop is for you!

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Next workshop in El Cerrito,

June 10th, 2017 6pm-8pm

Bone Energy Yoga

Learn the significance of bones and bone energy, how old trauma and information can be stored in the bones and how to work with releasing old patterns and encouraging the formation of new healthy bone growth and mobility.  Work through a series of yoga poses with attention to the bones and bone energy specifically, increasing joint mobility and experiencing the effects of an open flow of bone energy in different specific postures. We will go over adaptations to suit your body, breathing, pace, and understanding how to use this tool for transformation and health.

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Finding Strength & Stability

This workshop will focus on the qualities of Kapha, strong, slow, stable, sensual, earthy.  Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground, engage your muscles drawing them into the bone as you feel the amazing sensation of your own strength and vitality supporting you!  Long held poses and deep relaxation.

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Full-Day Workshops

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The Anatomy of Energy

For healers, body-workers, yogis, dancers and everyone who would like to learn more about body energy. Through the lens of Zero Balancing*, you will learn a working model of human energy anatomy that incorporates wisdom from Chinese medicine, yoga and personal experience. Bringing the theory into practice, you will learn tools to work effectively and manage energy in your daily movements and interactions with clients and friends. With a tangible understanding of the different ways that energy moves through the body and impacts our health, our emotions, and our relationships. 

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Following the Healing Spiral

Great health and vitality is not a static destination. It comes from the ability to adapt in each moment, to the realities of your environment. In Following the Healing Spiral, we will reframe our pain and the ways in which we feel ‘broken’ and find in them the they keys for our healing.  Tools from Yoga, Meditation and Zero Balancing will in understanding how to support yourself on the healing spiral, rising beyond helplessness and holding yourself in deep compassion. 

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Retreats & Multi-Day Workshops

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The Art of Skillful Social Interactions

So much of social interaction and relationship building has to do with energy. Most of us learn our social interaction skills through mimicking adults around us as children, and through unconscious trial and error. But like most things in life, when you learn new tools, and have the opportunity to consciously practice, you will become infinitely more skillful.  This workshop involves theory, practice and a safe space to discuss old patterns and feelings as they arise. 

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NZ Holistic Farm Retreats

Sleep in a converted hay loft in beautifully renovated barn, in central rural New Zealand. The dawn chorus will wake you with the exotic sounds of hundreds of native birds waking up from their native habitat.  Yoga practice, guided meditation, harvesting food for our meals from the organic garden, learning to make cheese, bread and other traditional foods will be interspersed with deep relaxation.  In this incredibly secluded environment you will have an opportunity to connect so deeply with yourself and your place in the natural cycle. You will return with real life skills, and detoxification of body mind and spirit, and a deep appreciation for the simple acts of living well. 

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Maui Holistic Retreats

Daily guided hikes to secret waterfalls, harvesting fruits and nuts for our shared meals, evening meditation on the beach at sunset, stimulating group conversation and the unmistakable magic of Maui. Daily expertly lead yoga practice, simple eating, this is a time to create space in your life to integrate whatever lessons and challenges you have been involved in, and give pause to allow the next chapter of your life to emerge. 

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If you are interested in taking a workshop with Rebekah, please express an interest.

Workshops move forward once enough people have expressed interest!

Check out the "Walk Your Growing Edge" (WYGE) group, which will resume regular meetings in March.

WYGE is a Meetup Group for exploring your edge of growth and for supporting each other to walk that edge with grace and skill. It's a place for turning problems in our life into empowering opportunities for spiritual practice. 


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