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Zero Balancing - Two

El Cerrito, Oct 17-20, 2017

Reinforce your understanding of the ZB protocol. Refine your touch and adapt the practice to your unique body mechanics.

About ZBII

Zero Balancing II is the second half of the Core Zero Balancing program in which students review the material from ZB I while learning new fulcrums and expanding their understanding of how and why Zero Balancing is so effective. ZB II is highly recommended for all ZB practitioners who have not taken a ZB course in a while as it includes the most up-to-date methods for performing Zero Balancing.

In this 32 hour, 4 day workshop, you will learn:
  • A review of the basic ZB protocol with an emphasis on quality of touch, focus and positioning of the practitioner

  • To deepen your understanding of ZB theory, principles and techniques

  • Additional techniques to create an expanded protocol

  • New skills and coordination in handling energy and structure

  • How to frame or set goals for a ZB session

  • To advance your ability to work with expanded states of consciousness

  • To give and receive constructive peer feedback

  • To acquire experience in preparation for advanced study

Perfect addition to the therapeutic toolkit for:
  • Massage Therapists

  • Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, & Psychotherapists

  • For the unlicensed to share with family and friends

25 CEUs for CMT, DC, PT, OT, LAC in most states.

Rebekah Harbour, CMT, CZB, CYT, BSc (Psychology)

is an internationally recognized Certified Teacher of Zero Balancing (ZB) for over 5 years. She studied directly with the founder of ZB, Fritz Smith, an MD, Osteopath and Acupuncturist. She is one of a select group of internationally recognized certified instructors as a faculty member of the U.S. & New Zealand’s Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA). She particularly enjoys teaching on the West Coast of the U.S., Maui, Hawaii and New Zealand.

Rebekah’s students consistently say that her workshops are a fun and transformative experience where they feel safe and free to explore the balance between the skeletal and energy bodies.

The Liberty Sanctuary Setting

Liberty Sanctuary is a home in El Cerrito, a short walk from the bart station (bay area rapid transport) which means public transport access from anywhere.  


El Cerrito (little hill) is a small city nestled in the edge of Berkley in the San Francisco bay area.  A cozy urban sanctuary allows you to learn in the intimate and relaxed environment of home. Couches, pillows, and carpet to sit on as you dive deep into healing philosophy while the fire warms on chilli days. 


A kitchenette always filled with teas and snacks reminds you that nourishment is holistic and comes on all levels.  


For lunch there are numerous restaurants and cafes with walking or a short drives distance, so you can try something new everyday.

Visitors who need a place to stay for the course will find numerous Air BnB places to stay close by at a range of price points.

Class sizes are necessarily small, so you are guaranteed plenty of hands on time with the instructor and personalised teaching to your needs and learning style.  That means we often aren't able to accomodate last minute registrations, so make sure you don't miss out!

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