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Roasted Pumpkin

Pumpkin is an amazing member of the squash family. The term actually means different things to different people! And there are thousands of varieties.

Pumpkins are highly nutritions and nutrient dense foods, high in Vitamin A amongst other good things. And yes, you actually can turn an orange hue if you eat enough of it... but it would take quite a lot of pumpkin to do that.

I've found that pumpkins can be intimidating to prepare for many people. Partly because it requires the right knife to dig in, and partly because the prospect of removing the skin is a daunting one! So the easiest and still quite delicious way to prepare a pumpkin is to roast thin slices, and eat them skin and all! Depending on the variety, the skin can be delicious. (I pretty much only grow pumpkins with edible skin.


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Using your heaviest sharpest knife, cut pumpkin in half; scrape out seeds with a spoon.

Then cut the pumpkin into even-ish sized slices. (the thinner you slice, the faster it will cook! when do you want to eat? That will determine the size. I like quite thin, about 1/4 inch. Put all of your slices in a mixing bowl and toss with with olive oil, salt and pepper. (Omit pepper. I also really like using a little smoked paprika. (you can get this at the grocery store).

Place on a baking sheet. I like to use baking paper because it makes clean-up waaaaay easier.

Roast until very soft, but still holding its shape, about 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the slices.

Eat warm or at room temperature. Nice served with toasted nuts, goat cheese or feta. Can be added to a salad, or as a side dish.


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