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Training & Education

  • BSc(hons) Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington NZ

  • Certified Yoga Instructor, Sivananda Vedanta Center, Neyyer Dam, India

  • Certified Zero Balancing Practitioner, ZB Health Association, Maryland

  • Certified Massage Therapist, San Francisco School of Massage

  • Certified Zero Balancing Teacher, ZB Health Association, Maryland

  • Certified Labor Doula, Cornerstone Doula Training, San Francisco, CA

Rebekah Harbour
CZB, CMT, YT, Global Fulcrum
BSc Honours Psychology, 2001

Earned a Bachelor of Science (honours) in psychology, at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.  Specialised in social-cultural psychology, interested in how to create systems to support cooperation and community rather than triggering resource competition and conflict. 


Yoga Teacher Training, 2005

Attended the Sivanananda Ashram in Kerala, Southern India. Completed their 200 hour yoga teacher training. The programme taught an integral practice including meditation, asana, chanting, service, and clean diet.  


Thai Massage & Reflexology, 2005

Studied level 1 and level 2 Thai massage, and Thai food reflexology at TCM the Thai massage school in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  This is the northern form of Thai massage which is more heavily influenced by yoga that the southern style. Thai reflexology is performed with a teak stick to create intense pressure into specific reflex points. 


Zero Balancing Certification Training, 2006

This was a 2 year programme of study  beginning in New Zealand and finishing up in the US, with the Zero Balancing Health Association, which involves 100 hours of contact hours, 50 written case studies and 2 formal projects. 


Massage Therapy Certification Training, 2012

At the San Francisco School of Massage, California, a fundamentals Swedish massage intensive.

Zero Balancing Teacher Training, 2012

This was a year and half programme designed specifically to give the depth and breathe of knowledge and experience to be able to accurately transmit the teachings of Zero Balancing. Learning directly from Zero Balancing’s founder Dr. Fritz Smith, a small cohort of student-teachers came together in four international locations to learn. 

Certified Labour & Postpartum Doula 2017

Through Cornerstone Doula training in San Francisco. An in-depth training to understand how to be fully present in support of a woman going through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Evidence based best practice.

Healing Philosophy


Health is not a static position, but the ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances. We do not reach ‘health’ and then remain healthy by staying the same. Healthy individuals can adjust to cold weather, to wind, to high stress, to different foods. Most of us become stuck in response strategies from the past. We break our arm, for the first few weeks we must hold it very still and steady so it sets right and doesn’t hurt. It mends but the body continues unconsciously to hold tension in the arm and shoulder, stuck responding to a situation of the past. Coming back to a healthy state means helping the body to release tension patterns or strategies from the past so we can better respond in this present moment. 


Pain is a block in the flow of energy, and is important to pay attention to, not simply to suppress of avoid. Pain is a loud and important signal that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.  It is natural and to want that feeling to go away. However when we repress the pain, numb it or avoid it without taking head of the message the pain is giving us, things tend to get worse in the long run.  


We have an incredible potential for healing but often do not have the ability or tools to tap into that capacity.  The body needs to be relaxed, very relaxed and feeling safe in order for the nervous system to drop into self-repair and healing mode. Most of us do not often have that kind of deep relaxation in our lives. Sleep comes close, but often is not enough.


Mental, emotional, physical pain or imbalances all impact each other.  To treat a person as though the body, the mind and the emotions are unrelated is similar to treating a person as though digestion is unrelated to what and how we eat. Our posture, what we eat, tension on a physical level all have an impact on our mental emotional health. And it goes both ways!  Emotional and mental states impact what's happening in our physical body. I see it as a vibrational pattern that exists in an emotional, mental and physical form.  


Where we feel the symptom is often just a small piece of the pattern underlying the symptom.  Addressing only the symptom will usually have short term relief only, as an underlying tensions patter remains unresolved. If someone has pain in their wrist, addressing the wrist is important. However, much of the time, there is also a tension or imbalance in the shoulder that underlies the wrist pain. And perhaps additional tension patterns throughout the body that have slowly built up to the experience of the symptom in question. 


Much more of our system is changeable, plastic, influenceable, then we tend to realise. Learning to tap into that is the trick!  Our bones, far from being the rigid static forms we often imagine them to be, have some flexibility, change density and even shape depending on our use of them.  While some patterns of imbalance and poor health have taken many years to build up to, and some have come from traumatic accidents and injuries, much pain and imbalance in the body is possible to change.  It may take developing complete knew habits of movement, of thought and behaviour, but knowing that dramatic change is slowly possible can be a huge breath of hope that its important to stay connected with. 


The deepest healing you can offer another person is often to hold safe space for them and listen completely and without judgement, so they can access their own healing potential.  As healers, therapists, body workers, our primary work is not to fix another person, but simply to create such a space of safety and ease through our touch, our grounded presence, our listening and non-judgement, that the person’s own healing mechanism is activated and they can tap into that holistic plastic space where long-held patterns from the past responses can drop away in a gentle instant.


Healing Philosophy


“When I first get off the table I don’t feel anything.

But then later when I’m resting I can feel my entire

    body adjusting and integrating the treatment.

  It feels amazing. Like nothing else I’ve experienced.”

-ZB Client,  Maui, Hawaii

"As Rebekah guided me through this gently healing practice, I felt cleansed energetically and physically. I continued to feel a shift and realignment long after our session."

-A.Y., Shephersdstown,West Virginia

"With gentle manipulation of my entire body and extra attention to vulnerable areas like my lower back and shoulders, Rebekah focuses warmth and energy in a way that feels like no other body work... After my session I am able to move back into a hectic pace with a calm center."

ZB Client, Berryville,Virginia

"My experience with ZB with Rebekah offered me a new clarity in my mind and my body.  I felt a shift in my vision, perspective, and my body instantly.  After standing up at the end of the first session, I felt taller and more aligned.  During the sessions, I could feel the bones finding their rightful place.  Rebekah holds a sweet space filled with compassion and warmth for the energy to move freely and safely.  Mahalo nui, Rebekah!"

- CC, Maui.

“Rebekah, you are an awesome instructor and an amazing practitioner. In my opinion, you have a perfect blend of knowledge and intuitive skills combined with an incredible ability to connect with others on an energetic level. I am so grateful for your sense of tender touch and they way you protect those in your care."

B.P., Olymlpia, Washington

"My Experience with Rebekah began in 2017 when I attended my first ZB workshop.  As a bodyworker I sought out Zero Balancing to add to my “toolbox”.   Rebekah’s way of teaching kept me attentive and engaged throughout the workshop.  After completing the additional courses needed for certification there was no doubt in my mind I needed to return to Maui to finalize my ZB certification.  When I approached Rebekah with my thoughts she suggested making a retreat out of this process to help fine tune my ZB’s as a practitioner and to allow experiences that would help promote clarity within myself.  The week was precisely planned by Rebekah and included receiving ZB, Touch feedback, Massage, taking long walks among the beauty of Upcountry Maui reflecting on areas of growth, grounding with Mother Earth in the garden following with a farm to table lunch, an amazing and informative tea ceremony, and lastly a graduation ceremony with a mini workshop learning experience on a 15 minute ZB.   This experience was more than I ever imagined it could be.  I am so happy to have certified in such a beautiful and healing place with an amazing mentor."

DM, Personal ZB Retreat, Utah.

"I participated in 'The Anatomy of Energy' workshop with Rebekah, and I am so glad I did! The day was a perfect balance of self-reflection, group interaction, and theory. I can sometimes feel resistant to working with partners or engaging in group activities, but Rebekah's facilitation style created a safe, welcoming, engaging learning environment for all of us. I left the workshop feeling more in-touch with myself and my work. I felt inspired to apply my new understanding into my work and to share insights with others."

-Workshop Participant, Olympia, Washington

ZB Client Testimonials

Workshop Participant Testimonials

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