Zero Balancing Therapy

Relieve tension and pain
Alleviate stress, amplify calm
Quiet your mind
Expand your awareness 

About Rebekah

CZBT, CZB, CYT, CMT, BSc-Psychology

I started with a degree in psychology and went on to become a Certified Massage Therapist, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Certified Zero Balancing Practitioner, a Certified Zero Balancing Teacher, and a Certified Birth Doula.  

My 15+ years of experience in the healing arts have given me a deeply held belief that the body has an incredible capacity for healing, for change, and for birth; and my role is to create a safe space, gently guiding you into connection with your body's natural healing power.

I hold an active faculty position with the Zero Balancing Association of the USA, and serve as the VP of the New Zealand & Australia ZB Association. I am an editor for the International Journal of Zero Balancing and Transformative Touch, and serve on the ZB Touch Foundation Education Committee.


 I am based in Maui Hawaii, and New Zealand, and teach Zero Balancing Trainings and Yoga retreats annually and internationally.


Annie, Teacher

"Experiencing this gentle healing practice with Rebekah, I felt cleansed energetically and physically. I continued to feel a shift and realignment long after our session."

Bill, Physical Therapist

"Rebekah, you are an awesome instructor and an amazing practitioner. In my opinion, you have a perfect blend of knowledge and intuitive skills combined with an incredible ability to connect with others on an energetic level. I am so grateful for your sense of tender touch and they way you protect those in your care."

Nancy, Artist

"With gentle manipulation of my entire body and extra attention to vulnerable areas like my lower back and shoulders, Rebekah focuses warmth and energy in a way that feels like no other body work... After my session I am able to move back into a hectic pace with a calm center."

Christy, Practitioner

".... I felt a shift in my vision, perspective, and my body instantly. After standing up at the end of the first session, I felt taller and more aligned. During the sessions, I could feel the bones finding their rightful place. Rebekah holds a sweet space filled with compassion and warmth for the energy to move freely and safely.