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Community Supported Agriculture

with Volcano Medicine

Why Become a Part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?

A CSA is a form of organised communal gardening, where the community can rely on the experience, knowledge and resources of a garden manager or team, while learning and participating in ways that work for their own time/financial situation. From the garden manager’s perspective, it’s a way to grow food within a supportive community, where your end consumer is already known, and there is no middle-person. You share both the risk and the bonuses of every season with all of the members. For everyone, it’s a chance to connect deeply with the seasons, with your local environment and be a part of the restrictions and challenges that come with that. It’s a chance to learn to prepare and eat new things and diversify your food horizons! 

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What is Volcano Medicine CSA?


Run by Rebekah Harbour with help from the community, we farm in Kula on Greenleaf Farm. We use organic methods of farming, incorporating biodynamic, permaculture, and co-creative practices. We work with our little eco-system to support the health of the plants, the soil, the creatures that are a part of it, and the people!

The Goals of Volcano Medicine CSA are to:

1. Create a supportive environment for learning sustainable agricultural practices

2. Create sacred space for people and nature to co-create

3. Provide an abundance of healthful fruits, vegetables and herbs for our community

How Does the Volcano Medicine CSA Work?

We currently have a 10 week membership available for the FALL SERIES, for $350 or, work-exchange.

Pick up is Tuesday afternoons from 5-8pm, in lower Kula (address and details will be given after registration).

Due to Corona Virus precautions, we will pre-pack your fruits vegetables and herbs for you, so you just show up and pick up! 


First pick-up date for the Fall 10 week series 2021 is August 10th and runs through October 12th


When Can We Help in The Garden? And what is the Work Trade programe?


The garden is a community project! if you would rather help with harvesting, cleaning and packing the harvest than exchanging money, please get in touch! You need to be available from 1:45-4:45 pm on Tuesdays, reliable, comfortable being out in the sunshine, and care about learning and doing a good job! No farming experience is required, its a learn-on-go kind of thing  

How will I know What To Do With New Vegetables and Fruits I've Never Used Before?

Every week we will email you a little newsletter that will include at least one recipe to make something delicious with one of the less common fruits or vegetables in your harvest share.  Where possible we try to include multiple items from the harvest in each recipe!  The recipes will be stored on the "recipes and tips" page, accessed through this site, as well as a collection of storage tips to help keep your veggies and fruits fresh and tasty for the longest time. ​



How Do I Sign Up?


Fill in the registration form below to join the CSA for Fall!​

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