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Vocabulary of Touch - Principles of ZB

Free professional development class

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  • Online Session

Service Description

Why does some touch feel good? Why does touch feel icky or unsafe sometimes? How can I as a practitioner, make sure I'm not giving my clients any bad energy if I'm not in a good mood? How can I give a sense of touch that is always safe and good feeling? This one hour free online course will cover the terms and techniques for understanding why some touch feels good and safe and therapeutic while other types of touch do not. Bringing words and understanding to different ways of touching and interacting enables you to be intentional in creating safe healing touch! The course will cover establishing safe and effective boundaries to protect yourself and your clients, without the need for complicated rituals (although those are fine too). The concepts and techniques we will cover come from the philosophy of Zero Balancing Therapy. Rebekah Harbour is a ZB teacher and practitioner based in Maui, she's been teaching the concepts of ZB internationally for 12 years.

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