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Sesame Steamed Green Beans

If you think that green beans are fairly bland, flavorless vegetables, best boiled to death and covered in butter so that at least you taste the butter, than you have certainly never eaten fresh organic beans. In their fresh and natural state, they are delicious and sweet, with a crunchy juiciness to them, raw off the vine.

In this category we’ve included the classic string-less green beans, and the flat-stringed runner beans. To prepare beans cut off the stem end, and if the strings are tough, remove them. Cut in any shape you want!

Sesame Beans:

Steam green beans lightly until they are bright green and still firm. Then toss them in;

Soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds, olive oil and crushed garlic.

This recipe is great hot, or cold the next day. You can add all kind of variations like fresh chives, feta cheese and walnuts, go crazy!s.


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