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Deep Ethics for ZBers

Walking with the Donkey, Feb 18-19th 2017

About Walking with the Donkey


This two day workshop is required for NZ & Australian certification candidates who do not have a health care license.  We look at closely at the client-practitioner relationship and how understanding ZB principles such as the donkey connection and blue line, help us to navigate our empowered role in ways that serve both ourselves and our clients.  Additionally the class looks at how to talk about ZB to clients and other professionals, how to set up your practice and troubleshooting.  As always we review the protocol and have the opportunity to refine our touch, and understanding of ZB principles.


In this 2 day workshop, you will learn:​
  • The special responsibilities of the client-practitioner relationship

  • how understanding ZB principles supports you in maintaining an ethical practice

  • How to be an empowering healer

  • How to navigate ethical considerations that may come up in your practice

  • How to talk about ZB in ways that meet your audience

  • How to support your clients fully while staying within scope of practice

  • Navigating red flags 

Rebekah Harbour, CMT, CZB, CYT, BSc (Psychology)

is an internationally recognised Certified Teacher of Zero Balancing (ZB) for over 5 years. She studied directly with the founder of ZB, Fritz Smith, an MD, Osteopath and Acupuncturist. She is one of a select group of internationally recognised certified instructors as a faculty member of the U.S. & New Zealand’s Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA). She particularly enjoys teaching on the West Coast of the U.S., Maui, Hawaii and New Zealand.

Rebekah’s students consistently say that her workshops are a fun and transformative experience where they feel safe and free to explore the balance between the skeletal and energy bodies.

Manawatu Farm Retreat Setting

This Manawatu central North Island NZ venue is a converted hay-barn on idyllic organic homestead property.  The views from this hilltop location on a clear day include as far south as Kapiti Island, as far west as Mt. Taranaki, as far north as Mt. Ruapehu and over to the Tongariro ranges to the East.  

Far away from the noise of cars or other people, the sounds of native birds chorus from the new growth native shelter trees.  

The catered meals come from the lovingly grown produce on the property itself. Farm-to-table has never been more direct.  

The composting toilet, rainwater collection and simple accomodation model environmental stewardship and permaculture principles at their best. Rustic, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable to the highest degree, this is an exceptional setting for connecting with the energy of ZB.


Staying on-site is optional, and so is the meal plan! There is a basic kitchen where can prepare or reheat your own meals, or you can have all three meals catered for you with simple fresh and health-full meals.  Please indicate your preferences on the registration form.  Sleeping arrangements are Marae style -  shared spaces. Camping is also welcomed.

On-site accomodation NZ$20 per night

Catered lunch only NZ$8 per day

Catered all Meals NZ$25 per day 

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